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September 2020

The On the Verge petition " Keep the Wildflowers of Stirling Blooming" was presented to the Environment and Housing committee meeting on the 25th September and we are delighted to tell you it was very positively received and Stirling Council has agreed to move forward with our suggestions for a more ecological method of grassland management, including adopting cut-and-collect as part of a pollinator strategy for Stirling. A huge thank you to all of you who signed and supported- we are very grateful to each and every one of you.




May 2020

OTV launched a petition aimed at Stirling Council asking them to manage grassland and green spaces throughout Stirling in a way that protects  and  develops local biodiversity, in particular wildflowers. By cutting grass later, cutting it less often, timing the cuts carefully and lifting the cut, the rich diversity of wildflowers throughout Stirling is given the best chance to flourish. The petition can be found here;








August 2019 

We are very grateful to the People's Postcode Lottery for an award of £700 to fund our work in 2019.

Scottish Pollinators Blog

Summer 2018



Delighted to be included in Chris Packham's Bioblitz project. Click on the picture below to see some footage from the Chris's visit to one of our wildflower sites.


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