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Rake, Scatter and Sow.

Please Share and come to help.

King's Park, Stirling

11.0am - 1pm Sunday 30th April 2017.

Telephone Leigh Biagi 07889 884010

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Recent work on the new path network at King's Park has left large verges of bare soil.


Too good an opportunity to miss! On the Verge has been given permission to sow the exposed areas with wild flowers in order to establish feeding corridors for bees, but we need some help.


If you have a few hours to spare at 11am on Sunday 30th please, please come and join us.


Meet us where the new path starts (above the tennis court entrance).


Bring a rake and some gloves and we promise not to make you work too hard ( plenty of less strenuous jobs for those who don’t want to rake) .


If you like flowers, if you like bees, if you just want to have some fun, please join us.


All welcome.

Please share post.

Telephone 07889 884010 for more details.

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